Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dethlab is busy busy preparing three very different events, three weekends in a row this summer.

First, we are extremely pleased to bring our Canadian-built robot friend Solvent back to Detroit July 21st - this time for a live show, with featured guest DJ Mr. Brendan M. Gillen of Ectomorph. An evening of infectious electro-pop goodness as only Solvent can create.

Solvent and Ectomorph are wrapping up their whirlwind SUCIT tour this weekend:
June 22 (tonight!): Love, New York City
June 23: Lava, Philadelphia
June 24: The View, Cleveland

Hopefully Solvent and BMG get some good rest, and don't hate each other after spending a month in a van together.

Bethany and I have been invited to curate a four hour segment of the LINK Festival at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. LINK is a 36 hour festival of art and music July 29th-30th. Our program, titled Machines That Feel, will feature media and installation artists, DJs and live bands, including the work of Phoenix Perry, and the debut live performance of electronic-shoegaze-pop project 800 Beloved. We haven't finalized the program yet, and are indeed still open to proposals from artists and performers. I'd explain more, but I think Machines That Feel describes exactly what we're looking for.

Then on Friday, August 4th, Dethlab teams up with Spectral Sound: mashing Vault and Sex & Sedition for one monstrous affair. Unfortunately we can't give you any details quite yet, but we will be trading blood for oil...

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