Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ok here's the SINGLE MOST INTERESTING piece of information I've heard this year. There's a company called Alexa which archives the internet. Now this isn't new information to me or most of you. But did you know there was a way to view what other sites people who visit a site also go to see? I didn't know this. I guess Windows users have had this option for awhile now, but it's never been native in a Mac browser. There's an extension for Firefox however called A9. This is crack people. I've been to so many sites I like to see what else connects to them. Finally, a way to look the reverse way of links. This might not be new to some of you, but I found it very interesting. Everything connecting to Burnlab is architectural. Interesting no?

Also, I am reading this cool book called Emergence, The connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software by Steven Johnson that I found this info in. I started it last night and am now 124 pages in by mid day even with Rob here most of the day. I'll finish it tonight. This is the Di Vinci Code for nerds. Highly recommened. As some of you might of noticed, I am very interested in Emergent Systems Theory and this is the first book I've ever enountered that's connected so many various books and ideas.

Yesterday I also went to Chelsea and saw a few new shows. Two to note are the Jonathan Weiner show at The Jonathan Levine Gallery.

and the Josiah McElheny show at Andrea Rosen Gallery

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