Monday, October 16, 2006

Banksy rip-off Detroit Tiger shirt

Jack Savas of Ann Arbor based Agui Vintage Clothing has apparently been blatantly ripping off Banksy and selling boatloads of t-shirts to baseball fans. If stealing an iconic image from a high-profile contemporary artist wasn't enough, the context of the image has been bastardized and prostituted in all the wrong ways, plus the hapless local press praises the "edgy, artsy look."

When Savas was questioned by another reader via e-mail about the image, the reply was, "We did not steal anything we got Banksy's permission from his blog to re-draw his original street art. He is happy to have his artwork in the marketplace."

Savas was then asked, "Even if that is the case, you don't give him credit. How is that fair?"

There were no further replies.

If someone can direct me to Banksy's mysterious blog, I'd love to read this part.

Only two words come to mind: douche bag.

[big kudos to Datawhat for being so eagle-eyed]

p.s. This story was also published for the 10,000 or so daily readers of Core77 (respectfully sans the term "douche bag.")

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