Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pictoplasma Berlin!

Going to Pictoplasma here in Berlin yesterday was so inspiring. I went on what they call the Character Walk. 30+ exhibitions, installations, and presentations of character based art are now up all around the city. Photos are up on Flickr now.
My photos aren't that great but they are fun!

A highlight being the work of Moki. Her exhibition transformed a Berlin flat into the flat of her characters, complete with humans in the washer and character pelts drying. Dishes, rocks, leaves adorn the walls with some of the best drawings and stuffed plush characters seen to date. Elegant and whimsical creatures filled the whole space. She even has two of them walking around and at one point I was captured and tied up. Highly recommended to keep an eye out for her.

Also, Friends With You transformed 103 into a romper room with massive inflatable balls that people bounced around on! Perhaps the most hazardous fun thing perhaps ever seen in a club. At one point, the lighting rig almost fell and a projector was dangling by a cord!

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