Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back from the dusty parking lots, bougie rental houses and soju cocktails that are Coachella with a quick report. To answer Mr. Doyle's presumption, Justice was rather trite unfortunately, pressed into live performance that gave nod to all the hits (both theirs and their peers), but failing to achieve lift-off the way their DJ sets do. The fake synth banks that made up the front of their stage was kinda cool though, particularly when the tall one would walk around front to change a patch.

As for Rage, Doyle isn't "wrong" per say, though the Latino heavy experience (plus the sheer magnitude) of this hometown reunion did give the experience a different context, despite the obvious meat head presence that really defined Rage in place such as, oh, Detroit.

Other highlights included Klaxons, who impress me mostly by being such a sturdy band in the traditional sense, despite thier entire buzz being hype based (or maybe their hype is buzzed based). Of course LCD Soundsystem got me dancing the most. Happy Mondays were perfectly shambolic and The Good, the Bad and the Queen make for perfect make-out music when lying in the grass.

I could go on, but URB.com kept a whole Coachella blog that I'm rather proud of, so check it.

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