Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here are some quick chronological highlights from the past week:

Went to an Ed Banger party in Paris - left early (5:30AM,) it la rocked.
Ms. Toybreaker and I saw the Gilbert and George exhibit and got engaged at the Tate Modern (!!!)
Met little prince Django Louche and had sushi with Jared, Oly, Candy, AJ and Hellen.
Talked to Skinny Puppy on the phone while dr0nk on the bus back from Nag Nag Nag.
Saw freaking Karl Lagerfeld in his Hummer while walking to Colette.
Watched some douches get arrested at Pigalle while sipping Leffe.
Took the laser train down to Dijon with Douglas, Bethany chatted with Vitalic's mom in broken French, Fixmer/McCarthy did the best rendition of Join in the Chant evah, and we raved like fools.
Ate lots of snails, duck fat and raw meat.

Quite an awesome week.

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