Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm going to kick this blog post off by reblogging part of Marius Watz's Generator.x post about this show to give the details. Hats of to Marius for a really great post: Tropism: Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis

Currently on display at the Espeis gallery in Williamsburg, Tropism is a collaboration between New York product design studio Commonwealth and generative artist Joshua Davis. Inspired by the endless variations of form in the plant world, they have worked together to create a series of computer-designed vases imprinted with generative graphics.

Tropism: Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis w/ Zoe Coombes & David Francisco Boira of Commonwealth / Prints

For the whole article visit Generator.x

I went down to the show today to check out the work and was impressed by not only the art itself but by the fact that a gallery space was successfully presenting and selling digital art objects. The work itself reminded me of Marius' own 3d prints created earlier this year and also of several similar pieces that have used this same technology combine with ceramic to create sculpture digitally.

3d printing, laser cuts, limited prints and other means of rendering files are becoming increasingly popular solutions to the dilemma new technology artists face when selling work to collectors.

Curious about the Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis show I asked some questions to the gallery curators and was excited to discover that the gallery itself is the gallery/presentation space of Commonwealth's own work space. Hopefully, the great success of this inspired show will encourage other galleries to support and present similar work. As for now though it's pathfinders like Espeis, Maxalot, curators of the above mentioned show, and Bitforms that are brave enough to lay claim to this new form of sculpture.

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