Friday, May 02, 2008

Mount Fear: crime statistics visualized as sculpture

Here's one for all my fellow documentation, cartography and data visualization fetishists:

The terrain of Mount Fear is generated by data sets relating to the frequency and position of urban crimes. Precise statistics are provided by the police. Each individual incident adds to the height of the model, forming a mountainous terrain.

All Mount Fear models are built on the same principals. The imaginative fantasy space seemingly proposed by the sculpture is subverted by the hard facts and logic of the criteria that shape it. The object does not describe an ideal other-worldly space separated from lived reality, but conversely describes in relentless detail the actuality of life on the city streets.

Mount Fear East London
Mount Fear East London by Abigail Reynolds

Mount Fear Eindhoven
Mount Fear Eindhoven by Abigail Reynolds

[via Information Aesthetics]

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