Friday, May 30, 2008

Robert Broner

[Sorry for no posts from me in over a week. I promise to catch up on the blogging in the next few days.]

Broner: Turret II
"Turret II": intaglio print, 1971
Collection of Museum of Modern Art, New York

I recently came across this fantastic interview with artist Robert Broner.

Broner was born on the east side of Detroit, on the same street I lived on when I was little. The interview is a fascinating window on life and making art in Detroit during the early and mid-20th century.

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sari said...

what an interesting site! came across this print by my father, Robert Broner, and glad to see up. my father, living in new york, and his brothers, Paul Broner and Matthew Broner, were all three artists, but in different media, for the most part. Paul Broner was the oldest, a watercolorist of factory workers and life on detroit streets, and later an abstract artist. Matthew Broner, was a oil painter, color field was his primary interest. he lived in soho . it is a wonderful story of these three Detroit, Jewish brothers who became artists.