Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ghostly at SXSW

Here's the essential pocket guide to everything Ghostly at SXSW. Our dear friends are everywhere all week, so no excuses. If you've never seen Deastro live, you have four chances this week - not to mention Matt Dear, The Chap, School Of Seven Bells, etc.

I'm bummed we're not in Austin this week. The schedule looks fantastic, and apparently our friend Mr. Sterling was in especially rare form last night. [Hope to see a transcript of his presentation soon!]

As a side note, it seems that SXSW broke Twitter. No Fail Whale, but posts are just randomly disappearing. I've been relying on Twitter as a sort of brain dump/idea sketchbook/drunken rant filter for potential Burnlab posts, but it's made me a very lazy blogger and now a lot of my random jottings have been eaten by the Twitter Koala. It's probably just a temporary snag, but it is a reminder of how ephemeral the internet is, and I'm taking it as a sign to pay more attention to this blog. I much prefer long-form blogging with [relatively] proper grammar and nice images anyway. [And before you ask, I'm not adding any more Twitter followers. Too many people already know far too much about the convoluted way my brain works as it is.]

1 comment:

Adam Rothstein said...

No more Twitter followers?!?!?

But, but... people are PAYING to get more Twitter followers! How can you just REFUSE to take them for free?!? I have a good mind to report this.

It's too bad one can't transfer one's following status-I would love to start a black market in Limited Edition Twitter Followerships....