Monday, June 15, 2009

From the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Morskoi Boi viewer

From the spectacularly Atompunk Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines: the analog torpedo game Morskoi Boi lovingly recreated online.

More about the game and museum from Russia! magazine

Secret factories, anonymous engineers and military training methods – these are the scattered origins of what became Morskoi Boi, the torpedo-launching simulator that introduced Soviet children to the world of coin-operated entertainment.

Produced in same facilities as the nuclear submarines it sought to imitate, Boi was the first in a long line of government-produced arcade titles beginning in the late 1970s. And while it may not have matched up to the early Atari consoles in terms of bells and whistles, the game’s funky design and addictive gameplay make it an iconic emissary from the parallel universe of Soviet arcade culture.

Morskoi Boi

The gameplay actually leaves much to be desired, but it's visually stunning.

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