Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This sounds like a lot of people we run with...

As hilarious as it is inspired. Pranking with purpose!

Via Bruce Sterling [who knows what we'll bite at] Libertarian direct civil disobedience

KEENE, N.H. - From a jail cell in this rural corner of New Hampshire, 
Sam A. Miller waged a philosophical battle, one milk carton at a time.

 (((Nice narrative hook, Sarah.)))

The soft-spoken electrical engineer (((geek))) declined food for nearly a month, 
save for swigs of milk. To eat, he said, would be caving to the 
tyrannical government powers that placed him here for illegally filming 
in a courthouse and refusing to reveal his legal name to jail officials. 
(He says it’s private; jail officials obtained it from a fingerprint trace.)

 (((That’s right: his name is private. EAT THAT, FASCIST OPPRESSORS!)))

His resistance has made him a folk hero among antigovernment types who 
have been making their way to New Hampshire from points across the 
country since their leaders put out a clarion call six years ago.

The Free Staters, as they are known, hope to lure thousands of 
like-minded souls to the state, with the goal of paring government to a 
bare minimum by eliminating things like taxes, speed limits, and zoning 

Thus far, just 427 Free Staters have relocated. Yet, here in Keene and 
in pockets across New Hampshire, Free Staters are making their case in 
increasingly provocative ways.

“Like Gandhi, like Martin Luther King, we need to educate and enlighten 
the public,” said Miller, who joined the Free State movement after 
breaking up with his fiancĂ©e.
 (((You may think this is an odd reason to go to jail for extremist political reasons, but, no, it isn’t.)))

The actions have ranged from the odd, such as when Free Staters filed 
another person’s fingernails without a manicurist’s license on a public 
sidewalk or held an unlicensed puppet show, to the irksome, as when they 
tried to dig a garden in a downtown Keene park, to the instigative, such 
as the day they stood on a street corner with a marijuana bud held 
aloft. Sometimes, they simply veer toward obstinate, wearing hats in a 
courtroom after being asked to take them off or refusing to remove a 
couch from a lawn. (((I’m having a little fun at the FreeStaters’ expense here, but Henry David Thoreau would be shoulder to shoulder with these boys.)))...

...During an interview in the airless visitors room of Cheshire County 
Jail, Miller said he has scratched “FreeKeene” into a wall with his 
thumb (((with his thumb. Nice one.))) and befriended other inmates, who gave him their milk. Still, he 
said, jail has only reinforced his abiding conviction that government, 
as constituted, is an enslaver.

”I see Free Staters as the modern-day abolitionists,” he said.

 (((Okay, ADBUSTERS goes for nihilist revolution while Libertarians are feeding nickels to parking meters — I think it’s time to ratchet the BEYOND THE BEYOND “Political Instability Meter” to “Condition Orange.”)))

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