Friday, January 23, 2004


I've been slacking on posts due to a lot of drama around moving, not the least of which involves the ongoing catch-22 situation with the NY DMV and my car insurance. As reward for getting my shit together and playing by the ever-changing tangled web of rules, New York just might let go, after threatening to keep me hostage for another 90 days. The relocation to Detroit is now officially titled "Operation Escape From New York".

As much as Mutiny in Heaven captures the state of my nerves (and patience with the greatest city on earth... so hard to choose just one quote from that song!), The Cars' Tonight She Comes has been the number one aural muscle relaxer this week. Highly recommended listening if you haven't pulled it out in a while and need a lift.

Okay, now that I've vented a fair portion of my personal drama, I'll get back to posting some relevant stuff later tonight. Cheers.

Burnlab: Where the weak are beaten down and pushed into the cracks in the pavement, then pissed on by vagrants. Oh, wait, that's New York City... the city I love... most of the time. (TM)

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