Friday, January 23, 2004

[Re: last post] There are plenty of NYork Burnlabbers more patient than I (and Kevin, and Magda, and Rich, and Troy, and Oliver, etc., etc.) who deserve praise for not scooting off to more manageable and some may say trendy locales. (Though I think those who actually live in Berlin and Detroit find that assessment amusing at best.)

Three good friends of ours who have dug in for the long haul are Devan Simunovich, Nika Offenbac and Phoenix Perry. C-TRL labs is a new agency which brings together three great talents and long-time collaborators in the field of experimental film, live video manipulation and installation art. Be sure to check out their recent live video deconstruction for Richie Hawtin and Ellen Allien in SF last October, including the clinically cool piece STEREO/OP in the works section. Unlike a lot of the "pixel vomit" that passes for live video, C-TRL works with primarily original footage on homemade software and hardware to generate their uniquely "broken" quality.

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