Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A follow-up to the previous post about my highly regarded Ghostly cohort, Mr. Will Calcutt's exhbit this weekend, directly from the horse's mouth:

To my esteemed Friends, Future Enemies and Past Lovers,

This coming Saturday all Goodness and all Graciousness will break loose, photographically speaking, and I hope that you can attend if this sort of thing is up your alley. Please bring with you any Friends, Enemies or Lovers who might enjoy looking at photos as well.

I will be showing a collection of photography culled from The Vault (which sadly falls far short of the entire 60,000+ photos, but is nonetheless enrapturing in it's new Physical World expanse which fills the Gallery).

Big Remember: Will Calcutt
March 12 - April 9

Opening Reception Saturday, March 12

Clark/Valenti Gallery
113 1/2 Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

You can check out willcalcutt.com for additional info, and an image gallery once the show has opened (if you are geographically/temporally challenged).
I hope this email finds you all well and sorry if it found any of you twice.

- Will

If photography is not enough incentive, please note that the musical selections for the night will be in the very capable hands of Dr. Ryan Elliott and Dr. Clark Warner.

See Rob's Blog for more info.

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