Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful!"

subject: a birthday party
more specific: Betty Marie Barnes (of Saturday Looks Good to Me fame) turns twentyone
when?: Thursday, April 14th
where?: Oslo... you know where Oslo is, right? It's in Detroit.
who's behind this?: those fancy lads, Burgundy and Panic from Pas/Cal
why should I come?: there will be cake, festivus, and much dancing and merriment
what will it sound like?: Burgundy, Panic, Mike Servito and myself will be DJing... so expect everything from Mu, to Prince, to LCD Soundsystem, to Motown, to Nine Inch Nails, to Morrissey, to Adult., to Michael Jackson, to... I don't know... if it's good, we have it.
when should I be there?: It's a school night, so we'll be there around eight. The rest is up to you. Just be there and have some goddamn fun. It's spring! :)

Visit the official website here.
(Seriously, who gets a whole website for their birthday party?)

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