Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sorry for the late heads up, NYC:

Bent 2005 - Circuit Bending Festival.

You can still catch the following:

Saturday April 30

12-3pm Day at the Circuits FREE

Introductory circuit bending workshop for kids and adults of all ages! Do you have an old battery-operated toy at home that makes noise? Bring it in and transform it into a new and strange musical instrument. Or just bring yourself and rip apart some of our toys!

4pm Workshop FREE

Circuit Bending Workshop with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics.

5pm Workshop FREE

Nintendo NES Hacking Workshop with Paul B. Davis [BEIGE]

7pm Concert - $7

Ant Macabre
Zef Renirhs
Lektrogirl - Rephlex/Lektrolab
Paul B. Davis - BEIGE/8-Bit Construction Set
DJ Sniff

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