Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ADULT.'s brand new EP D.U.M.E. hit record stores today.
Get up from your desk and go buy it right now.

A word of warning to those hoping for a return to the detatched sounds of futuristic days gone by: D.U.M.E. plunges deeply into ADULT.'s ever-present themes of paranoia and anxiety in a way that is far more confrontational than voyeristic. The six tracks on this release can inspire the same sense of panic as drowning, or a trip down the rabbit hole gone very, very awry.

Comparisons drawn to the manic intensity of early Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ersatz Audio cohorts Tamion 12 Inch, and Lock Shock & Barrel (Oogie Boogie's gang of deviant child-ghouls from The Nightmare Before Christmas) provide only a vague point of reference. Kuperus and Miller write a history of the future here which defies categorization and convention nearly to the point of alienation, but the music is so finely crafted and the vocals so engaging that one can't help but to be drawn into the waking nightmare of D.U.M.E.

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