Thursday, October 06, 2005

DOS STITCH - Cross stitch as pixel art from Kate Pemberton, a.k.a., endfile.


This is about the coolest, nerdiest use of textiles, conceptual thinking and craftwork I've seen in a while...including the pun. HOT. (upon reading her CV, this work was also shown in the gallery at SIGGRAPH this past summer.)

The tracert DOS command is used to trace the network points that join one computer with another computer on the Internet. The journey is determined by IP addresses of destinations, and how many milliseconds it takes to reach them. This journey from my PC to the endfile server in America has been hand-stitched, it is a contrast to the idea of traditional narrative samplers.

Ms. Pemberton has also been doing electronic embroidery which is quite hot too. Check out all of her work. (Note: Apologies to the artist for the initial gender mix-up. Corrected.)

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