Friday, October 07, 2005

This evening in Detroit: Oktoberfest is here and we'll be dining on schnitzel and Warsteiner at the Dakota Inn, a truly unique Detroit institutuion since the '30s. We also suggest stopping in to the Majestic Cafe where Walter will be playing some very choice records, then down to Oslo for Ryan Elliott's monthly VAULT, featuring Chicago Dorkwaver and disco master Common Factor.

Saturday night the We R DJ crew present The Things That Dreams Are Made Of at the Bohemian National House in Detroit.

Speaking of the finer things in life, We R DJ attempt to step up the quality of nightlife by presenting The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. "Nothing short of boundless bliss & undeniable delectation is promised; memories shall be made & lives shall be forever changed." Carefully selecting each and every track and note for your ultimate dance pleasure, these are The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. All proceeds from this evening go to huricane relief. [from LISTD]

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