Saturday, October 08, 2005

Zing boom tararrel!

Growing up, every wedding, funeral and miscelanous large family function seeemed to end up at a Knights of Columbus hall with a polka/umpa band palying Roll Out the Barrel. I assumed this was universal. (Right?!) Quite late in life I discovered that not everyone in the world grew up a Detroit East Side Catholic. That's kind of unfortunate, as a [trashed] umpa band performing said song is quite a marvel to behold, and [apparently] quite a formative experience. Last night's Oktoberfest festivities at the Dakota Inn brought me back to priceless pages of Motown history and childhood memories last recalled as a 15 year old sneaking bottles of cheap red wine out back of the K of C hall in Centerline. [I hope my parents aren't reading this.] Anyway, I highly recommend anyone in a thousand mile radius of Detroit to celebrate the Bavarian holiday of consuming copious amounts of schnitzel and Warsteiner to find their way to the Dakota. Also discovered last night: the love of my life/partner in crime is primarily Prussian, which is [as you historians know] a much deabated territorty between Germany and Poland, hence our equal [read: competetive] tolerance to alcohol. Hrmmm.

Also of note, Oslo now carries Blavod.

Jon O: is it good?
Dethlab: It's black!


We R DJ tonight. Go!

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