Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Also gleaned from Max, I LOVE this quote from Casey Spooner:

Nothing is real. The most beautiful things are those efforts of mankind to transform themselves and the world around them into what that want reality to be.

Seriously. Where would we be if we all just accepted who we are in the moment instead of actively being who we are in our grandest dreams and ambitions?

I think maybe everyone needs to read Anthem again. I still don't quite understand how Ayn Rand was embraced by the right, because she is truly the original punk, and I'm sure she would agree that nothing is more "real" than what you make happen.

But don't listen to me - I still believe we will create a race of robots far superior to humans, thus sealing our own demise... but this is not a bad thing, rather a confirmation of our own ingenuity and a humble acceptance of our fleshy weakness.

(Here's proof. More here.)

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