Monday, November 14, 2005

Lots going on out here in La La land, so here's a little update...

First, while this is no longer news to some people, I can now officially announce that I am Managing Editor at URB Magazine. And while I'm still not certain how the whole title hierarchy works in the publishing world (still faking it), I am definately the HHIC (Head Hebrew In Charge). I even get my own office (and it's not in the basement of a nightclub in Hamtramck).

Saw a fantastic band on Saturday night, The Sounds from Sweden. Remember what a great song "Kids in America" is? Imagine a band where every song sounds like that. Their current hit is even called "We're Not Living In American." Swedish new-wave pop it is!

Currently enjoying Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on iTunes. If you've read any hipster music blog this year, you've already heard of them, but the last three songs are pure genius. Like David Byrne fronting Eggs as produced by Robin Gutherie.

Caught Front 242 last week at Avalon. Full disclosure, I've never owned a 242 album, but as is obvious by the company I keep, I've listen to the group a lot over the years. Lemme just say that the show was excellent. So excellent I don't even mind that I paid (gasp!) for a ticket.

Have a bunch more things in the works that I'll be cluing y'all in on real soon. In the mean time, back to the fabulous Hollywood lifesytle.

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