Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Let's kill every one we know and hit the open road."

For those not intimately involved in Detroit's small but exceptional post-punk/shoegaze/gawth/new-wave scene, 800 Beloved [formerly inlieof] have three delectably dark and infectious tracks up on their MySpace profile for your downloading pleasure. [Show Me Evil is featured on WDRK episode 5]

Our very own Allen Goodman recently became the newest member of 800 Beloved mastermind Sean Lynch's cast of collaborators. I initially gave Allen a week, but these two are weird enough that I think this might stick.

Ms. Toybreaker and I are hoping to work with Lynchy on some original DethLab tracks once we get some time to actually sit and write some songs. It'll be fun to see how the Peter Hook-esque bass lines in my head work with the ASSio and Screaming Pussy. ;)

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