Tuesday, April 25, 2006

From laser cut hot dogs for sale to benefit a Detroit home-building project (architecture), to inspiringly well-crafted chairs (3d design), to felt benches with "tumors" (3d design), to really really disturbing re-inventions of My Little Pony (ceramics), and finally to an animitronic wolf head spitting blood into a crucifom coffin (2d design) [yes...you read that one right] - Pop, with a much darker rather than just cheeky ironic bent, thematically ruled this year's Graduate Degree Show. Even moreso than simply a trope on the increasingly ominous aesthetic dominating both high fashion and design, ambitious seems to best sum up the success of this year's exhibition.

Thomas Gardner + Matt Miller, Laserdogs. Architecture

Paul Julius Martus, 3d From File to Form. High impact acryliclonitrile-butadiene-styrene with over molded ABS, steel.

John Truex, 3d Tumor Benches: Steel, felt; Sprawlpaper: inkjet print; Streetlamp #3: Steel, wiring.

Jessica M. Stoller, Ceramics. Untitled. Ceramics, latex paint, mdf, digital prints, glitter.

Christoper Williams, 2d. Untitled. Mixed media.

Keetra Dixon (2d) even has an automatic photobooth set up, not only to take your picture, but also to interpret your image and predict your future! (Click the link and you may even find a photostrip of two, ahem, area bloggers.)

There were 900+ attendees to the Member's opening this past Saturday and the exhibition runs until May 12, 2006. Come up and see what all the fuss is about!

Also see the Flickr Gallery of nearly every piece in the show.

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