Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Very nice review of the Les Infants Terribles anniversary party from the Wayne State University paper.

A few choice clips:

"As the nerd-herd spun the hottest new wave, electro and synthpop tracks, the crowd got down and dirty. There was sleazy bumping and grinding that may be considered inappropriate considering the music.

Although it's truly cliche, the second floor shook. But as opposed to an earthquake, it was more like a nuclear holocaust as the Dorkwave boys dropped bombs. Dorkwave lovers flailed their limbs as though they were giving praise for the second coming of every deity known to mankind appearing in front of the mushroom cloud.

It probably doesn't help that there was the fire at Corktown Tavern in February of last year, which always leaves some wondering whether that's the night that the floor will collapse. Saturday potentially could have been the night people will have had to crawl out from piles of rubble and hipster bodies.

Dorkwave is like an Amtrak disaster with numerous train wrecks thought the night, as many of the beats aren't exactly matched. But who cares? It's all about having fun and not being a pretentious all-star DJ; shoot, it's a free party. "

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