Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last week I decided to hand off my responsibilities in planning, promotion and design direction for Dorkwave. The project has been successful beyond my wildest dreams - working with my best friends to throw out all the rules and facilitate a friendly, safe, fun, and totally unique experience for everyone who has ever been called or considered themselves a freak. We never expected it to turn the nightlife scene quite so on its ear or become such the party (okay, maybe secretly we did...), so it's been mission accomplished x10 for me personally, and (being ultra-ADD) there are dozens of new ideas begging for my time and energy.

Not to fret, this doesn't necessarily mean the party's over. Even with Rob Theakston and I both moving on to focus on other projects, Dorkwave remains in the best of hands, and if half the ideas that have been discussed for this summer happen, expect some fantastic events! Very best of luck to Jon, Mark, Mike and Allen.

Right now I'm very excited to put more energy into DethLab, projects with o2, more print design (including work for two great electronic-indie-pop bands, Detroit's The Nice Device and NYC's Hypefactor) and a variety of other schemes, adventures and art crimes.

I'm off to Coachella with o2 this morning to install what is possibly one of the weirdest sound installations you've ever seen. Granted we have wireless access in the desert, updates later in the week. If any of our readers or conspirators are going to be at the festival next weekend, hit me up.

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