Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lots of photos from Friday's MOTOR show here.


We've never dealt with a group who was so well organized and professional, while being totally easy-going. Not only was MOTOR a pleasure to work with, they completely blew everyone's heads off. It was a full on jihad against everything expected, boring and one dimensional - and judging from the sea of ear-to-ear smiles and pumping fists at Oslo Friday, a most welcome sonic holy war.




What looks like a shutter cable release in Hugo's hand is an audio trigger - used with the wah pedal to create the lead buzz sound on Black Powder and other tracks.

Extra special thanks to Ryan Elliott and Brendan M. Gillen for laying out teh eeevil (BMG played one track in particular that made us sound like "Dethlab Lite",) to Michael McAdow for being video guru, to Jeff, Dominic and all our friends at Ghostly, and to Brook at Oslo for letting us continually push the production envelope in his nightclub.

Other highlights included Mr. No and Bethany having a wasabi eating competition (read: popping entire balls of green fire paste and throwing triumphant teary-eyed double goats,) and taking the guys to see Detroit electro-tech legends Ultradyne at CAID after the show.

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