Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Saturday night Office performs at Detroit's Magic Stick with Freer, 800beloved, and The Questions. This will be the last Office show for a while, as they are heading back into the studio to record the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Q&A. Catch them before they blow up (more.)


800beloved will be offering limited edition hand-screened cassingles at the show, featuring newly mastered versions of The Skeleton Collection, Kiss Me Crooked, and an unlisted bonus track. We couldn't imagine a more appropriate format for 800's music, which is best listened to on an early autumn night, driving around aimlessly with good friends, hopped up on coffee and clove cigarettes. If you're not down with magnetic tape, there will also be lovely shirts. Black. Of course.

After le Stick, head down to Corktown Tavern this Saturday night for the August edition of Les Infants Terribles: Dorkwave vs. The Cavity Creeps. Who are the Cavity Creeps? Surely you recall this 1976 TV commercial. Well, perhaps not, but there will be copious merriment and oral hygiene, plus the price is always right: free! Last month was total blast - many thanks again to BMG and Solvent for guest DJ'ing and "keepin' it evil". Photos are here.

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