Thursday, March 22, 2007

Architecture adventure in Detroit: Tonight Burnlab HQ is accompanying a group from the RISD and Cranbrook architecture departments to an abandoned site for a guerrilla screening of student films. A charrette continues through the weekend, including a seminar [literally] on the People Mover, followed by a site survey of another abandoned structure. The students will then fabricate site-specific installations overnight which will be installed and critiqued the following day. Our own Ms. Toybreaker is one of the invited jurors. Should we get through everything in one piece, expect documentation right here afterwards.

More Detroit related art, architecture and urbansim news: Open City, featuring an installation by Object Orange, remains on display at Eyebeam in NYC through April 7th. Make sure to stop by if you're in New York, and check out Andy's photos from the opening here.

This Saturday night is the opening of Disposable Heroes, featuring new work by painter and musician [and DethLab portraitist] Ron Zakrin at Cass Cafe. Festivities start at 7pm and the exhibition runs through June 16th.

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