Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Halo 24

If you've been trying to follow the story behind Year Zero as it unfolds, NIN Wiki is a great up-to-the-minute information source.

For those who haven't been following, the upcoming Nine Inch Nails concept album is one element of a broader multi-media project set in the year 2022. Bits of the story are continualy being released through the introduction of websites, phone numbers, audio files and coded images. Trent Reznor recently told Kerrang magazine that he is in talks about a movie version.

The multiple cryptic websites related to the project, offering glimpses into the dystopian world of Year Zero, appear to be broadcasts from the future (ala Prince of Darkness and Eugene Mirman.) This theory is supported by the recently introduced Secure Broadcast Informatics site.

So far, four tracks form the album have been leaked planted on memory sticks at recent concerts and can be heard at the NIN MySpace page. The release date is April 17th.

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