Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Death From Above

The Last House by architects System Lab is a contemporary take on vertical cemeteries, which are common in Brazil.

The 108-meter-high tower would hold some 25,000 "niches". In lieu of flowers, each container would be assigned a phone number which would trigger a little light on the tower when called.

I think the project is aestheticaly inventive and beuatiful, but something doesn't sit quite right with me about it. Geoff ponders a new version of Night of the Living Dead, with zombies falling to the ground in packs.

The Hanging Cemetery of Baghdad by NaJa & deOstos is proposed as "a gigantic presence of a hanging funeral structure" that will hover above the war torn streets of Baghdad, floating unceasingly "from bright explosive mornings to airless night hours."

Alexander Trevi of Pruned comments, "Lest someone say that this can never be built, a prototype already exists in the skies above Iraq. To see it, one only need to track the endless flights of cargo planes delivering dead coalition soldiers back to their home countries."

A book on the project will be published next month by RIEA.

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