Friday, August 10, 2007

New Release of the Week

The latest release from Vitalic's Citizen Records (and currently exclusive to Beatport) is from the Parisian duo Remote. Building on last year's Get A Real Job EP for Black Strobe co-founder Ivan Smagghe's Kill The DJ imprint, their new single Sinister Boogie is a tour de force of electro sleaze and rich production quality. The vocals remind me a lot of our own Mr. Ambivalent's instant classic R U OK recently released on Minus + the pace and filth of Arnaud Rebotini's remix of Water Lilly's Invisible Ink... for the record, two of the best tracks of the year. Sinister Boogie's infectious bass line and ever-changing layers of sound are undeniable. My only complaint is that it teases but never builds to the fist-pumping fever pitch we've come to expect from Citizen releases. I would probably have to pitch it way up to fit in Dethlab set, but could definitely see Ryan Elliott dropping this at 4AM and blowing heads off.

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