Monday, September 03, 2007

Dark Matter

9/15 poster 360px

Toybreaker and I are doing our most ambitious production yet on Saturday, Spetmebr 15th. It will be the record release party for Perspects' Peopleskills Remix EP featuring rewroks by The Hacker, Franz & Shape, Kill Memory Crash and Goudron. Perspects will be playing a brand new live set, as well as Ghostly bad boys Kill Memory Crash, who will be playing live for the first time since DEMF '06 and debuting an all new live show featuring a third member on live drums for the very first time.

We had originally booked the hottest thing out of Italy since Lamborghini to play as well: Franz & Shape, but unfortunately Francesco and Chris have postponed their North American tour due to lack of interest from promoters in other cities. We were told by their agent that Burnlab/Dethlab is "the most reliable and serious promoter from USA they've ever experienced with."

In the mean time, we've been busy as hell trying to fill the third spot for the 15th of September. We talked to a lot friends such as Solvent and Magas - landing on Cleveland's masters of analogue synth-pop Travelogue. Travelogue came by the highest endoresment of Solvent, and if you know Solvent, he's one of the most discerning people you'll ever meet. By that we mean if he likes something, it's awesome. Travelogue should fit the bill nicely, and the programming for the night will start with gorgeous indie-electro-pop and morph into rip-your-head-off-industrial in a way that makes total sense. It's a blessing in disguise that things didn't work out exactly as planned and we have Travelogue opening. We're super excited to see them live.

See their most recent music videos here:

Also, remember that Detronik is doing a full-blown multimedia installation for this show: multiple projectors, closed circuit cameras, stacks of TVs... Micho of Detronik designed and installed all of the multimedia at Motor back in the day, was one of my partners in the art installation group L0C810N, and before that was founder of the performance art group Inter Animi, who did elaborate media productions at Industry and the State Theater in the early-mid 1990s. Expect total sensory overload.

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