Monday, September 17, 2007

Project Parallel

If you're in L.A. this weekend, please join us at the Ghetto Gloss gallery for music, art, and drinks to celebrate the release of Project Parallel's latest record and the works some of L.A.'s most talented artists. Project Parallel is a transcontinental collaborative project between a Boston based architect/musician and a Los Angeles based composer who create music about miscommunication in an era of mass communication.

Keeping with the theme of distress in the modern world, the work on display will include Andrew Siegel's strange and provoking illustrations for Focus Media's music/design project, Noise Tank (lovesyou). Other featured artists include the fine art of Mark Mothersbaugh, Blake Hazard, Shasha Shumyatsky, and more.

The Ghetto Gloss gallery is located at:
2380 Glandale Bldv.
Silverlake, C.A. 90039
(Google Map)

Saturday September 22nd
7pm - Midnight

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