Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cabaret Voltaire

Not these iconoclastic heroes, but these iconoclastic heroes. [We'll very likely revisit the former sometime in the near future.]

In Cabaret Voltaire's case, their early training as media guerillas vested them with the mobility to slip in and out of the mainstream earshot almost at will. As yet to be properly pinned down, they've sustained a campaign of civil and dancehall disobedience through more than 15 years. Filtering influences as diverse as Stockhausen, Can, early Roxy Music, Velvet Underground and James Brown through various tape and electronic devices, they have in turn infiltrated all manner of heresies and subversions into the often conservative territory of dance music.
-Biba Koph, 1990

[I have a cross stitch version of the above quote framed and prominently displayed in my house - like some might have Footprints in the Sand or the Lord's Prayer or some shit.]

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag [1979]

Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You [1985]

Cabaret Voltaire - Ghostalk [1985]


Riot Nrrrd™ said...

Loved the Cabs. Saw them in 1980:

Also saw them at The Palace in Hollywood back in '85 or thereabouts ...

dr said...

Heard from a MySpace "friend" that Cabaret Voltaire is back in action.

New 'Kora vs. Cabaret Voltaire' versions here:

New Cabaret Voltaire album (also on Shiva) in the new year. Gigs of the new material to follow.

Though I like a good deal of their 80s output, I've always been partial to their early-90s material (Body and Soul, Colours and Plasticity LPs) and Sweet Exorcist side-project.

Marc said...

The band that got me onto my long journey of industrial-tekno. Respekt!

do you remember Portion Control or Click Click? 2 old scene goodies that are continuing to make great music currently.

Michael Doyle said...

I love Portion Control but don't know Click Click. Will check that out!

Ivan said...

I had one Click Click album - 'Rorschah Testing' but I wasn't that pleased with it. Portion Control are brilliant and like most of Cabs' work, truly recommended to listeners.