Monday, November 03, 2008

"bought and sold and paid for a long time ago"

Not quite perfectly on-topic (but, then again, neither is Herr Doyle's nonsensical GOP-slamming of the last few weeks), but still quite relevant to a subject near and dear to the hearts of many this week...

Here's my take on all of this, shared very eloquently by the late and great Mr. George Carlin:

Live via submarine cable from Berlin,


Michael Doyle said...

As a proud atheist and a Libertarian who values intelligence and secular personal liberty, I'm surprised the theological oligarchy the GOP currently represents doesn't make your skin crawl more than anybody's.

Michael Doyle said...

Besides, I've already decided to vote for Jello Biafra.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to ban the guns I can use to fight off liberals and theists alike.

Lesser of two evils, my ass.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, for the record, I had already finished a two-page rant in my own blog that begins as follows:

"Anyone who knows me well can see that nobody despises and fears theists more than I do. Despite that..."

I decided it was too vitriolic (see, it does happen!) and saved it as a private draft, instead, never to see the light of day.

All the Palin-bashers who really think a well-meaning but idiotic RKBA advocate is any worse than a flippity-floppity say-anything Marxist race-traitor really make me wonder about the logical reasoning skills of my generation. My only long-term fear for America is that, in a dozen years, it will reflexively swing as far left as their then-dead parents did right and we'll end up with some anti-freedom fuckhead like Nader (or, in this case, Obama).


toybreaker said...

It's no secret that I do not like either of our two candidates, but I really do think the lesser of evils does have to prevail here. As much as I believe in gun rights, I also believe in the rights to my own body, which psych-Palin wants have judgment over in a heartbeat. It's true that I loathe Biden over his anti-technology policy almost as much as I do her policy against anything I believe important, but since McCain has one and a half feet in the grave already, the choice is clear for me. She disgusts me on every level possible.

Michael Doyle said...

I don't get how logical reasoning can put aside the fact that Palin [and we're talking about President Palin, because Mac has two years of breath in him, tops] represents everything you're against - far too many to list, but mainly liberty from twisted theist moral superiority put into law and a general devolution of society in which intellectualism and questioning authority is villanized - simply over guns [which, even if that was a Dem agenda, would never pass even a left leaning Supreme Court.]

I'm certainly not here to defend Obama, but not only is Palin an idiot and strictly self-serving, she represents the biggest danger to the advancement of human culture I've ever seen in US politics.

Religion is the root cause of all problems on earth - from overpopulation to war. A Palin administration would be like a Christian version of the Taliban. That's the very last thing we need.

I love the basic principles of the Republican party. Unfortunately Ron Paul is the only prominent Republican who gets it. Everyone else is in the Christian Right's pocket. Fuck the "real America."