Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Exyzt BoomBox

BoomBox is the latest installation by renegade media architects Exyzt [who created the mind-bending live visuals for Etienne de Crecy Mr. Black tipped us to earlier this year.]

Exyzt BoomBox
Exyzt BoomBox
Exyzt BoomBox

As the installation is primarily motion-based, you really have to watch the video.

I love everything about these guys - not just what they do, but why and how they do it.

Below is the Exyzt projects manifesto and "action methods":

Be utopian. We want to build new worlds where fiction is reality and games are new rules for democraty. We want to encourage creativity, reflexion and renew social behaviours. If space is made by dynamics of exchange, then everybody can be the architects of our world.

Experiment. Architecture can expand into a transdisciplinary field, where new tools can be explored. Our current recipe : marinate construction with video, music, graphic design, photography and gastronomy, without forgetting to leave space for interaction, freedom, informality and unpredictability. Our projects can result in spatial video games, architectural buildings, musical environments and/or thematic food feasts.

Even if we refuse to enter the current architectural practice which is under economical and political constraints, we do deal with the reality of construction. We design and build ourselves, live in our constructions and leave freedom for visitors to appropriate our designs.

What we produce is open source architecture. We collaborate to give free access to a structured living program and an interface for exchange. We only offer a framework for a direct and immediate emulation between people and space.

Our projects are always in movement. It is this dynamic process based on interaction between people and their environment that really make our projects. We are here to incite you to have conscience of your environment. React and act.

Thank you to : Yona Friedman, Archigram, Dada, Fluxus, hybrid architecture of the world (observed on our trips to Vietnam, Japan, Eastern europe, Africa). We owe you.


We usually choose sites that are not regulated by real estate economy or social control.
Among them : wasteland, leftover spaces, or abandoned spaces.
We also work on flexible/neutral spaces offered by events like festivals or exhibitions.

Even if we usually use identical materials like scaffolding, textiles, photo, video and sound material, our projects are non reproductible products. They are designed and built in the context of location, place and participants.

Architecture is an adventure in time. We like it short and dense so as to focus more on the project. And also because we want to multiply projects around the world!

We experiment endlessly different tools for our interventions like videogames, short cuts, and vj. We attempt to translate media into physical space. A video projection can constitute a facade, a video game becomes a spatial interactive game.
Films are the memories to our constructions.

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