Friday, June 03, 2005

Following tonight's Kraftwerk show in Detroit, inlieuof will be performing live at the State Bar (adjacent to the State Theater.) One of my absolute favorite Detroit area bands, inlieuof have managed to keep at arm's length form the Motor City's often incestuous rock'n'roll and electronic scenes, carving out a unique voice through finely crafted pop music that combines stripped-down drums and 'hooky' bass lines (pun intended) akin to Manchester circa 1981, elegantly tweaked-out electronic treatments, dreamy layers of guitars, and lyrics that would surely get the goth seal of approval from both Nick Cave and Peter Murphy, delivered with a sense of highly controlled intensity and sincerity by front-man Sean Lynch (who, we are told, is a funeral director by day.)

inlieuof will also be performing Saturday night at 555 Gallery in Detroit, and Sunday night at Double Olive in Gross Pointe MI. See above link for details.

edit: After Kraftwerk, and after inlieuof, our very own Mike Servito will be playing records that go bleep at OSLO, just down the street. A fine night ahead...

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