Monday, June 13, 2005

Many thanks to everyone who attended Saturday's edition of Les Infants Terribles, extra special thanks to Mr. Valenti for his [always] excellent work on the turntables, and to the rest of Team Dorkwave. It's a real treat to work with such an amazing group of people. Also, apologies for me bailing a little early. Heat exhaustion hit like a wall, and I had to make an quick exit before I passed out. Good times! Lastly, did anyone ever find out who showed up to our little party in a freakin' limo? I really hope it wasn't Kid Rock or Kwame Kilpatrick or something... that would be the death of cool...

For both the present and not-so-present, there are hundreds of bad photos from Saturday we'll be sorting through this week.

Next up: Team Dorkwave and Solvent, Thursday, June 30th at the Detroit TasteFest!

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