Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Dorkraving...

2005 Detroit TasteFest music line-up announced. Thursday night at the Pure Detroit Stage is the place to be:

Thursday, June 30th

Lee Marvin Computer Arm
Six guys who listen to too much 70's rock create a cacophony of musical chaos every time they play. Witness the RAWK for yourself as they assault the Pure Detroit Stage.

Team Dorkwave
These five dork DJs are known to sample the more fun styles of music from the past and present. Join them and their eclectic crowd, dabble in some debauchery, and experience the collaboration of Mike Doyle, Rob Theakston, Jon Ozias, Mike Servito, and Allen Goodman.

Solvent (Ghostly/Suction)
A synth-pop composer from Toronto, the one-man-and-machine artist brings electropop music to the masses. He successfully blends vintage techno-pop into modern techno.

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