Wednesday, June 15, 2005

youve gotta love what people think of as signs of kids doing drugs these days:

Has your son ever been suspended, expelled, or truant from school?
* Has he had problems with the law?
* Are you worried that your son may not finish high school?
* Is his appearance or personal hygiene slipping?
* Does your son display violent behaviors?
* Is he manipulative or deceitful?
* Do you suspect that your son lies or is dishonest?
* Have you had money or valuables missing?
* Have you witnessed your son being high on drugs?

that last one seems to cut to the chase doesnt it. if you had "witnessed your son being high on drugs" would the others questions be all that necessary? (above points courtesy of msn)

by the way, love the photos the last l.i.t. party. i cherish the fact that they make me go between wishing i was there and being glad i wasnt (both meant in the best possible way, and who ever the girl in photo 127 is has an open invitation see me in barcelona anytime (except of course if she is in a loving relationship, in which case she is still welcome but shouldnt tell anybody about it) (note to editor: if i have made an idiot out of myself on that post please remove it with all due urgency)

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