Monday, July 18, 2005

designated studio day today, time for a treat of some detroit blight photography. first it was off to the abandoned kung food chop suey chinese restaurant on east jefferson - somewhere i always waned to document but never got around to it. unfortunately i was not able to google any background information on it.)

with the rate that old buildings are being torched and scandalously razed, there is no time like the present to document. in keeping with the mr. science theme for today, next it was off to the rougher end of the Cass Corridor - and it just so happens someone tore the plywood from some old science/chemistry lab, with the contents spilling right out into the street. well holy christmas in july!


generally i try to keep my distance from others when photographing/exploring, but this sweet little lady was a joy. she had some interesting commentary on the other locals milling about, to put it mildly:


more images here.

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