Tuesday, July 12, 2005

wednesday night, 07.13 - get your glitchy industrial thing on. Kill Memory Crash will be at Foran's with special guests Kero, DM and Nida, all of detroit underground infamy.

Foran's Irish Bar | 612 Woodward Ave | Detroit | 313-961-3043 [huge flyer here]

a small side note - i got the unfortunate word last night that their tour vehicle got broken into after their new york show, and EVERYTHING aside from their laptops is gone. the show will go on (half live, half dj), but please come out and support. projectors and analog gear are not fun to replace. at least come buy them a comforting cocktail!

p.s. if anyone has a video projector that they could borrow for the evening, please contact me. bethany@cyberoptix.com

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