Monday, July 25, 2005

Proper Things in Improper Places: Part 2

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than to put a bunch of art school kids in period costumes, walk right into an abandoned factory and play a nice game of croquet?

The Edwardian dress code (obviously...) was chosen because our site of choice, the Albert Kahn designed Packard Motors Plant was constructed in 1907. (We may be crazy, but we are thorough.)

A noble sport notwithstanding, the game of croquet (as played by the official rules) can be quite dull. Thus, we were compelled to make up rules as the game proceeded to keep thing interesting. "Anything you can build from objects found on the course is permissible." This rule led to everything from simple bumper mechanisms, to more elaborate ramp structures for the purpose of jumping balls over piles of debris and toxic standing water hazards. In keeping with the DIY miniature golf direction the game had taken, it was determined that game-play would be concluded not in the usual manner of striking the starting stake, but by each player launching their ball through a decent sized hole in the wall of the factory, four floors up: a much more satisfying way to end the game, which we my submit to the USCA for consideration.

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