Sunday, November 12, 2006

As much as I'd love for your prediction to come true 100% (esp. the President Clark part), there's just one little hitch in the dream: Kenneth Lay died in July of heart failure. So unless it's Zombie Kenneth that's having cocktails, I'm afraid the dream is over.

Also, this case will go nowhere in the International Crminal Court, as the US is protected under what's known as Article 98 agreements. The US has made several deals with other countries providing immunity and prohibiting the surrender of government and military officials to the ICC. However, there ARE countries Rummy COULD travel to which don't acknowledge article 98, but the US is cutting funding at a drastic rate to these places in retribution (see: the majority of South America and a generous portion of Africa).

The Democrats should pay no mind to this, nor try and bring up impeachment proceedings or any other nonsense other than to get this jackass and his thugs out of office and this country back on track. They should also start planning a strategy around their nominee for 2008. Somewhere in a Washington, puppetmaster Karl Rove is already planning his attack to not only take back Congress (which shouldn't be too hard to do if Democrats screw up), but keep his party in the Oval Office for another 4-8 yrs.

But then again, even Freman Hendrix hates me now so what do I know?

To keep this post on the art side of things, here's a quick snapshot of the ICC. Apparently this is only the temporary building and the permanent one should be up and going by 2009.

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