Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just in case this blog is your primary source for world news:
The Associated Press confirms Webb victory in Virginia, giving Democrats a complete sweep of both houses of congress. Sen. George Allen has not conceded, but is 7200 votes behind Webb with all votes tabulated in this last state on the line.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Bush said, "It was a thumping... It's clear the Democrat Party had a good night."

Finally, perhaps, he's starting to act with the humility of a president who lost the popular vote six years ago, only to be appointed to office by a court without the patience or stomach for due process (and maybe realizing that if those voices in his head are indeed God himself, the almighty has been just fucking with him all along...)

So distant seem the days of no war, of no fear, when prosperity was a real potential for all, when religious extremists were a fringe element rather than the ruling class, when all the world loved and admired America, when the president was getting blow-jobs... the seemingly endless glory of the 1990s under a charismatic Rhodes Scholar. We have so much work ahead to dig ourselves out and return to those standards, but at least now there is hope. Hope is something the Bush administration has stripped from the American psyche, and that is their biggest crime. I'm proud to be an American again. We should all be proud.

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