Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This Friday: Guggenheim Art After Dark with DJs Telefon Tel Aviv and Dethlab.

Flavorpill says:
After a November hiatus, First Fridays returns to the Guggenheim with digital wunderkinder Telefon Tel Aviv. Powell Ohio's Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper orchestrate a lush score from microbeats, twinkling synths, swelling strings, and the occasional soulful vocal sample that distinguishes their halcyon electronica from glitch-happy IDM. Detroit duo Dethlab put a devilish spin on docile electro tunes with Belgian EBM, French cyberpunk, and the occasional industrial tweak for good measure. While the Midwestern maestros slave over keyboards and mixers, partygoers can tour the museum's Lucio Fontana: Venice/New York exhibition, a comprehensive presentation of the artist's textured works on canvas and sheet metals.

Real Detroit Weekly says:
Congratulations to Dethlab (Michael Doyle and Bethany Shorb) as they have stepped into an art and music nerd's dream: performing at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in fabulous New York City, opening for Chicago's IDM masterminds Telefon Tel Aviv. "Playing records is not art, but one of many components we use to communicate an idea," Michael said. "We approach it from a totally different angle than most - we deal with themes rather than genres, and put an emphasis on the performance aspect. I think the curators understand and appreciate that. We certainly weren't invited because we're good technical DJs! As visual artists who like to explore all sorts of mediums, there is no greater honor or more humbling venue to be asked to perform." Now what's it gonna take to get this painting by Ron Zakrin on the walls?

Hope to see all our NYC friends there!

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