Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If anyone is interested, I've uploaded and organized all my photos from CMJ and excursions from New York last week:

Halloween on the Hudson
We spent Devil's Night in my favorite Hudson Valley town Cold Spring, and Halloween afternoon at the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. Stumbling across Russel Wright's home and studio was major treat - only an hour outside of NYC.

The Knife at Webster Hall
Sorry these are pretty blurry - long shutter speeds and light shows don't always play nice. See review three posts down, and video clip seven posts down.

The Horrors and Office at Harmony Palace
Two of my favorite bands and Peter Hook DJing at a Chinese restaurant... NME knows how to throw a party! We were so close to the stage that Faris stood on Toybreaker's shoulder while singing at one point. Knowing they were playing last, Office played an extra-super-rocked-up set. Office also signed a record deal last week. Dreams do come true at CMJ. See Horrors video clip from this show seven posts down, and more photos from Toybreaker here.

The Horrors at Galapagos Art Space
Even better two nights later. I think they were more comfortable, because Faris was jumping all over - as in leaping from the stage to the bar, then off the bar into the crowd. If you know Galapagos, the stage and the bar are not that close together and are both very high. The lads are all super tall though... even without the hair and the heels.

Falling Water
Added an extra day to the trip to tour FLW's masterwork on the way back to Detroit. I should have done this while in design school, but better late than never. No number of photographs come close to experiencing the place in person.

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