Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's a little video clip form this past Saturday's show - the first time Perspects and The Hacker have played Flesh And Bone live together (stateside at least.) A little piece of history in a dark basement filled with barbed wire and black-clad androgynous freaks... ahhh. Detroit still has it. I will always choose being with 150 of the most creative, motivated people in the city over 1,000 assholes who just want to party.

Huge thanks to BMG, Amber, Erika, Ian, Keith and the whole IT family for kicking off 2007 right. Some photos here. We ended the evening by watching DAF videos, which couldn't have been more awesomely apt.

I know a lot of our readers come here for the inside scoop, so here are three tidbits to whet your whistle: new Perspects and The Hacker as well as new Miss Kitten and The Hacker material is forthcoming. Also, the new Goudron record on IT has been pressed and will be available very soon (the aforementioned Miss Kitten has been playing the hell out of it during her DJ gigs since last summer.) '07 is shaping up to be a very good year for electro.

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